Ensure correct name of employer and actual work location on Indian work visa before traveling: Foreign Nationals on Indian Employment Visas

Jan 18

The foreign nationals traveling to India on Employment visas (E visas) should ensure that their visas have been annotated with the correct name of employer and location (city in India). There have been many cases where the Indian Employment visa in annotated with the location of company’s registered address in India and not the actual work location. A company in...

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Two months rule for Indian Tourist Visas is not applicable to non-tourist visa holders

Jan 17

This is an old post. The two months rule for Indian Tourist visas has been abolished. Please visit the link for details: http://www.immigration.ind.in/2012/12/two-months-gap-rule-on-tourist-visa-to-india-abolished/ The government of India instructions about “two months rule” regarding foreigners traveling to India on Tourist visas state that this rule is not...

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Indian Visa issuance at Thailand: Important changes

Jan 15

Many foreign nationals have been traveling to Thailand for issuance or renewal of their Indian visas. There have been some changes in the past few weeks which affect the issuance/renewal of Indian Visas from Indian Embassy at Thailand. The prospective applicants should call the Indian Embassy or VFS centre, before making their final travel plans, to confirm their...

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Quota for foreign workers in India: Employment visa Quota

Jan 10

Employment Visa Quota:Here is the official word. NEW NORMS OF GRANTING EMPLOYMENT VISAS RAJYA SABHA In the present liberalized economic environment, Indian companies/organizations are awarding work for execution of projects/contracts to foreign companies, including Chinese. This has resulted in inflow of foreign nationals, including Chinese, for execution of...

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Some Business visa holders may have to obtain exit permits

Jan 06

As per Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs( MHA) recent guidelines for the business visa holder, the foreign nationals who were already in the country on Business visas and engaged in executing project/contract were required to leave the country by 31st October, 2009. There have been few business visa holders who were covered by the above mentioned...

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MHA( Ministry of Home Affairs) notification on Business and Employment Visas to India.

Jan 01

Here is the official text of the notification issued by MHA in the faq format. FAQs RELATING TO WORK RELATED VISAS ISSUED BY INDIA Introduction In recent weeks, several queries have been raised about the type of Visas issued by India to foreigners for work related visits. It is clarified that basically there are two (2) types of work related Visas, namely:- 1....

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