Registration and Extension at FRRO Bangalore: A visit to FRRO Bangalore

Jan 22

Registration and Extension at FRRO Bangalore: A visit to FRRO Bangalore

This a an old post. The FRRO Bangalore has shifted to a new address at TTMC A Block, 5th Floor, BMTC Bus Stand Building, K.H. Road, Shanthinagar, Bangalore – 560027. Please see:

FRRO Bangalore had started functioning from new location at Indira Nagar at Bangalore. For address, directions and timings at new location please visit:

Foreign nationals going to FRRO Bangalore for registration, extension and other miscellaneous services should ensure that they have the complete documentation to avoid any delays or unnecessary repeat visits.

There are waiting areas, restrooms, single window section and pre-scrutiny section at the ground floor. You may collect all application forms from single window section after showing your passport.

The tokens (tickets) are given on the first floor on the “first come first served” basis. The foreign national can come to FRRO with all documents required for his/her matter, collect the token and wait for his/her turn. There is a digital display for token numbers. After the pre-scrutiny, the foreign national can go to the first floor which is also called the “Immigration service Hall”.  There is main scrutiny desk on the left side and it displays the token number being served.  There is a waiting area and the foreign national can wait for his/her turn.

After the main scrutiny is done and the application is signed by the officer, the foreign national has to go to one of the counters on the right side of the same hall to get himself/ herself photographed. After the photograph, the foreign national would be provided a receipt and a time to come back and collect his/her papers.

The tokens are given only between 9:30 AM to 1:00 in the afternoon. If foreign national comes early, he can expect to receive his registration certificate by 12:30 afternoon. Most extension visas are completed the same day or the next day.

If your registration is late, you will need additional documentation and late fee. For delayed registration fee at FRRO, Bangalore, please see here:

Overall, the processes at FRRO Bangalore are faster and more efficient now. The seating area is very comfortable. The rest room area can be made better. There is parking available at the street and photocopy shops opposite and adjacent to FRRO building.

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