Exemption from Indian employment visa quota: Indian Employment visa quota not applicable to certain IT and ITES workers

May 26

This is an old post. Please see update at: http://www.immigration.ind.in/2010/10/india-employment-visa-quota-eliminated-new-minimum-salary-requirements-for-indian-employment-visas/

Government of India has implemented E (Employment) visa quotas for foreign nationals coming to work in India. For details on Employment visa quota for India, please visit:


Under the new guidelines issued by Government of India, an IT/ITES Indian company which is an Export oriented Unit( EOU), Software technology parks of India( STPI) Unit, or SEZ ( Special economic Zone) Unit, can sponsor foreign nationals without being subjected to 1 percent limit provided the foreign national is paid a minimum annual salary of USD 25,000.

IT/ITES services will include business services, finance and accounting services, and technology services.

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