Two months rule for Indian Tourist Visas is not applicable to non-tourist visa holders

Jan 17

This is an old post. The two months rule for Indian Tourist visas has been abolished. Please visit the link for details:

The government of India instructions about “two months rule” regarding foreigners traveling to India on Tourist visas state that this rule is not applicable to the holders of other classes of visa. So the holders of Business visas, Employment Visas, Entry(X) Visas, Student visas, Medical Visas, PIO/OCI card holders and other categories of non-tourist visas are not subject to the “two months rule”. Thus the foreigners coming to seek medical treatment in India should come on medical visas and not on tourist visas. This will help them to make frequent short trips to India for various consultations and medical procedures. There have been many instances of foreigners who are engaged in volunteer work in India on Tourist visas. They should apply for X visa which is the appropriate visa for doing volunteer work in India. The volunteers present in India on X visa can also make frequent trips outside India in relation to their work as they are not subject to “two months rule” applicable to tourist visa holders.

For official notification regarding details of “two months rule”, please see:

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